Demo Video

Here is the script used in the video!

The script is currently made private ! Contact me for any personal use!

Script explanation

Here we are creating an array of Sub-reddits ! (Feel free to change those)

declare -a arr=("FunnyTikToks/" "TikToks/" "TikTokCringe/" "TikTokmemes/" "blunderyears/")

Scrapping the URLs of our videos with:


Adding some Blurring effects:


Finally checking for corrupted files and deleting them



Do not run this script on your home directory ! (it’ll rename all the files there) instead create a new one with

mkdir autoyoutube && cd autoyoutube

run the script

chmod +x autoytb

It will take some time to download, concatenate and add some effects to the videos. So, you can go get a cup of coffee for yourself or buy me a coffee 😉.

If you have any insights or suggestions, I would love to hear them 🙂.